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[Too $hort]
Way too real, Short Dog is just way too real
It’s the T Double, some call me $hort
I’m in the house once again from the East to the North
You know the west is the best coast
We got the best beats, we bump the best hoes
Living life way too fast
Start snitching and you might not last
It used to be about old pimps and macks
But now we got the young bucks trying to jack
It’s a stick up, put your hands up before you get bucked
Got you for your watch, your link, and your green stuff
Everybody wants to be the man
And when you are, you go straight to the pen
Get rich quick schemes off dope fiends
I know you know what I mean
Making big money, living stoned to the bone
Oakland, California is where we roam
Hitting this corner, that corner, everywhere
Bumping fly young tenders with the real big hair
Sassy nasty, young-ass freaks
Wanna ride in my car and feel the beat
We hit the motel, the head was swell
Baby had back like a big ol’ whale
She told all her friends I did her, too
She got dogged like Scooby Doo
Cause in the land of macks we don’t play that
You wanna run your mouth, you get pimp-slapped
And you ask me just how I feel
Short Dog’s living way too real

I’m living way too real, bitch
Short Dog in the house
Can’t help but live real, you know what I mean?
Tell you some shit, though

Been in the game for about 10 years or more
Talking about shit you never did before
You know my macking is cracking, all of the time
24-7 spitting playboy rhymes
I got a serious grind and it sure ain’t fake
You slang D, well I’m a slang a gang of tapes
Something funky fresh for you to ride to, fool
Bending corners in the old school
I seen my homie Father Dom and he said “What’s up?”
Riding in a Supersport drunk as f*ck
And when you see us, the clique is called “The Dangerous Crew”
We wouldn’t change it for you, cause the game is true
Some say that the Dog can’t rap
But my bank account will prove that
I make G’s, so you can see these nuts, hoe
Or get played like dominoes
I used to f*ck a bitch from San Jose

Baby liked to freak all kind of ways
She said I was the best, couldn’t settle for less
Had my name “Short Dog” tattooed on her chest
After three months I called it quits
She tried to pop that pregnant shit
But like a mack, I suprised her
Dropped her ass off at Kaiser
Never would I let her put a baby on me
I ain’t the one, I’m Step Daddy
I had to let her know just how I feel
I’m living way too real

“Don’t ever f*ck with Too $hort” (scratched 4x)

>From city to city, valley to valley
Never seen another state on hit like Cali-
Fornia, where the hustlers play
What you wouldn’t expect happens everyday
It’s the Wild Wild West I’m speaking about
Where Clint Eastwood would get socked in the mouth
Cause ain’t nobody tripping on ranks or stripes
If you live the life, you gotta pay the price
So many youngsters die over punk shit
Small talk, a lotta dumb shit
And only God knows when you punch the clock
Thought he was bulletproof and got shot
It’s either heaven or hell, him or me
Locked in a cell or out on the street
Every day on the ave another brother is killed
For living way too real

[Father Dom]
Well I’m chilling and I’m willing like a villian I be killing
Coke is it but tonight I got the feeling
Cause it’s about time for a real mack to step up
Pimping ain’t a thing so I swing on these heifers
Never ever feeling no remorse, of couse
If you try to play me out, I’m a punch you in your mouth
And Rin Tin I’ll watch his chin just splatter
Caught him with an uppercut, there goes his bladder
My rhymes are fatter cause I said so
I’m gonna recollect a neck, mic wreck check a hoe
I’m making more dough than the average Joe Schmoe
If she’s fronting on the p*ssy then the hoe got to go
Out the back door, don’t want to see you no more
You ain’t Deep Throat, so what you come here for?
Cause in the nine-tre ain’t no lagging or dragging
Bring your ass over, get prepared for the stabbing
Ain’t no doubt that’s how I feel
Father Dom and the Playboy $hort, we’re living way too real (echos)


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