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VISIONS OF THE FATHER Lyrics grapple with longing for connection with an estranged or deceased parent. Lines like “Can you hear your child calling? / Reaching out to the father I’ve never touched” convey a sense of loss and missed opportunity. The visions and dreams of the chorus suggest the persistence of memory and a child’s innate need for their parent’s love. Backed by atmospheric guitar and strings, the forlorn vocals ache with grief over emotional distance. While the lyrics focused on father and son, they could symbolize any complex parental relationship filled with yearning and pain. Ultimately, “Visions of the Father” beautifully captures the sadness of an absent parent-child bond that left scars only time might mend. Do read VISIONS OF THE FATHER Lyrics below.


Visions of the Father are headed for me (Act
2:17) You got me dreaming of no other Destiny. (2X).Now when the servant of Elisha / He woke up early in
the morning he saw an army (2Kings 6:15) With horses
and chariots, they had surrounded the city–What a pity
(2Kings 6:15) “Oh, my Lord, what shall we do?” The
servant asked the Father for true (2Kings 6:15) “Don’t
be afraid,” The prophet answered (2Kings 6:16).

BRIDGE: Because those who are with us are more than
those against us (2Kings 6:16) I said those who are
with us are more than those against us. (2X). / Lord
Help them to see. (Chorus).


We’re talking visions of the Father We’re
dreaming’ (thinking) of no other Well if a distraction
Me telling’ you no bother No deal with ‘ism schism No
want no devilism Well inna this ya one vision of the

Because me sing well God He rule my destiny and put it
right in front of me (Jer 29:11) Woe yucka yoi God

Him rule my destiny for I was blind but now I can see
(Psalm 146:8). (Chorus) / (Bridge).

And then Elisha prayed “O Lord, open his eyes So he
may soon realize.” (2Kings 6:17) Then the Lord opened
up the servant’s eyes And he looked unto the hills to
his surprise (2Kings 6:17) He saw a multitude of
horses and chariots of fire Surrounding the anointed
and the servant of Elisha (2Kings 6:17) / The enemy was
blinded by the Lord God Messiah (2Kings 6:18) And to
see this vision that is my desire. (Chorus) (Chat

Well young men will have visions / Old men will dream
dreams (Act 2:17) And this is just a foretaste of what
is to be There is so much more that we cannot see / We
must wait patiently on the Almighty just to see (Psalm
37:7). (Chorus) What is your destination? (2X) Even
though my enemies surround me I can see Your angels
all around me (Psalm 34:7). (2X) Destiny…


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