With dark humor, Uninvited Lyrics depicts someone sabotaging a wedding due to their own bitter jealousy. The narrator crashes the ceremony unwanted, lamenting how the groom once pledged his love to them instead. Details like showing up “dressed in red” and binding the couple in locks convey the narrator’s vengeful disruption of marital bliss. Lines like “No I don’t wish you well / Yes I’ll see you all in hell” capture their spite and resentment. While clearly tongue-in-cheek, the lyrics touch on the ugly feelings of rejection and betrayal that can tempt someone to lash out irrationally. Beyond the comedic tone, there is an undercurrent of pain when love and trust collide with jealousy and rage. Do read UNINVITED Lyrics by 7 FOOT MIDGET below.


You might think it’s wrong
But don’t hate her for what she’s done
You’re s’posed to love her unconditionally
Till the end of timeShe didn’t know it’d get out of hand
Your new grandson wasn’t part of the planSo she let you down
Just forgive her and move on
With your brand new life
It just might work out

You did all you could

Don’t do more than you should

In her time of need
How dare you turn your back and cede
She’s gonna need support
To get her back onto her feet

If she had known what her actions would bring
She’d have zipped up, and kept herself clean

Just open your mind, try to understand
Your new grandson wasn’t part of the plan


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