Yeah…[Verse 1]
They say…
You a threat simply cause your melanin
But them dreads down ya neck really make them hella scared
They say ya sage will be harmful in the air
Asking why you wear a cross with an oval on the end
They say that voodoo that you practice is a sin
And why do you have an evil eye tattoo on ya wrist
They say you the reason that your neighborhoods ain’t shit
And you so violent cause of rap music
They say ya lazy need to get up off ya ass
Blaming others for ya struggle
Steady living in the past
We all got opportunity you sit back and you nag
You people need to pull ya self up by ya boot straps
They say you can’t succeed
Cause ya living life angry
Need to just get over it
It’s 2017
They say a lot of bull shit as you can see
Cause they just tryna maintain supremacy

[Hook] 2x
I’m not sorry (For ya fear)
I’m not sorry (For ya rage)
I’m not sorry (For ya tears)
I’m not sorry (For ya pain)
I’m not sorry (That ya mad)
I’m not sorry (That ya hate)
I’m not sorry…
Cause you don’t probably give a f*ck anyway

[Verse 1]
They say her booty and hips looking inappropriate
Cause she wearing clothes that fit
Teaching fourth graders
They tryna demonize what you were born with
Then get all nipped and tucked tryna duplicate it
They steady bash you for big beautiful lips
Cause theirs are paper thin till they get collagen
And they wanna criticize all your native customs

Till they steal them for them for themselves like their ancestors
They love to prop up fools that are spewing their rhetoric
Cause they hide behind them tryna look less racist
It’s sick some fools do it for attention
Don’t even gotta give em money to pimp em
Ridiculous they label truth speakers as villians
Cause we go against the grain of status quo up in this prison
They do a lot of bull shit as I mentioned
Cause they steady tryna reign as supremacists

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 1]
They say we can’t do right
They say our youth are bad
They mean we should act white and try not to be so black
We get the blame of the results inherited from subjugation
Then get called feeble minded while getting miseducated
Some how they still find a way to keep the focus off them
By staying true to their code saying there is no racism
They put this lie into existence that they practice like religion
Cause they know if “god” is in it it’s easy to trick a nigga
It’s the brutal honest truth
We’ve had years of proof
I’m telling you to solider up as I spit in this booth
Being scared won’t help you cause we’re living in war
If you ain’t tryna live free then what are you living for
I’m only give you the cure to get rid of disease
So if you wanna stay sick stay the f*ck away from me
They will die to stay on top of this world literally
Stay woke this is a system of white supremacy

[Hook] 4x


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