With rebellious intensity, Smashing Lights lyrics channels the spirit of youthful defiance and desire for escape. The lyrics depict a heated teenage romance that prompts the narrator to shatter conventions and parental control. Lines like “Let’s go smash it up, smash some lights” capture the reckless urge to break rules and let loose. The reference to packing bags and never looking back conveys the teenage fantasy of running away with a lover. While the vandalism and rebellion may be adolescent in nature, the song ultimately touches on the timeless teenage dreams of being uncompromisingly yourself and finding freedom with another kindred soul. The passionate lyrics speak to the intense emotions and hunger for independence ubiquitous to the teenage experience. Do read SMASHING LIGHTS Lyrics below.


He still hasn’t found
What he’s searching for
Darkness *bottled?* mistakes
Just a ghost in this world
Smashing lights
Anything to feel safe at night
When no-one knows he’s there
No-one knows
He’s even alive!In the *sails?* he *yearns?*
Watching peoples life go by
And all he wants
Is to have, is to hold
That someone
The touch from a loved one
To make him feel home again
To have, To hold That someoneAnd when the rain Starts to fall
And everyone runs to their homes
You’ll find shelter
From the cold
Near a poor
Poor mans soul
Don’t be The one to look back
And feel The regret
I’ve seen that face before
I’ve seen that face before

And when it’s all too much
When you feel like giving up
Just remember
Just remember
Who you are!
Never give up
Never let go


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