Once more you hear the dope stuff
3-D is officially in the house

I’m about to cold diss, and ain’t no time to get warm
So get ready for the brainstorm
On my way and I’m comin on strong
Oh so correct so you better get a move on
Rollin, controllin and got soul, ock
For a bankroll I’m crazy like a fox
Keep a fresh knot down in my socks
Never caught chillin with a baldilocks
Now I came here to say some crazy knowledge
Wax the suckers who need a good polish
Joined by the Fly Assassin on the fader
Shakin the cuts to rock the whole equator
Played on your favorite radio station
Hear the crystal clear manifestation
Makin all the ones, takin the guns
You hear the voice of the true Acknickulous One
I was chosen to do all the shows and
Make all the doughs and clock all the hoes and
I’m not a brother with a little bit of say-so
Freak your mind like you’re puffin a turbo
EST kicks it cause I got a passion
I desire to stay in fashion
Cold gettin busy on the tempo
To let you know that I’m runnin the show

You wanna get stupid, I get just the same
Didn’t come here to play no games
So don’t trick or treat me
Go for what you know if you think you can beat me
Come on Holmes, if you’re with this
You can get bust with a little bit of quickness
Never had to use a lot
Cause soon as I open my mouth I get hot
And I’ll melt your recital
Bugged out rhymes with a weirdo title
Takin you out is vital
Shinin with the high pro glow cause I’m mellow

EST the Unusual Fellow
Make you shake, vibrate just like jell-o
Cause I’m your loudspeaker
Go without the fuss like a nutra sweetener
Come on Gavlin, you know the beat’s travelin
So you might as well pack your bags and
Listen to the smooth move rhymer
To your ears it’s like two weeks in the Bahamas
Plenty of sunshine, plenty of dope rhymes
Like caviar served with white wine
Now you know
Three Times Dope cold runnin the show

Hold up, what’s up with all these suckers on stage?
Make like a mixer and fade
You ain’t paid, so go on back to your freebie
I’m the only beneficiary here, buddy
Tellin you one time and that’s it
Don’t touch the mic if your rhyme ain’t the –
And you know it ain’t, so why don’t you just splurge
Swore up and down I was about to curse
But the joke’s on you, you nut
Cause cursin on wax really is not cool
Say what you gotta say, shout out peace
Fade down beat and let the music cease
I’ll go on and on and on and on
Because the Sinister writes the songs
And they be fresh to make the whole world sing
Chuck Nice gets wicked on the beatbox thing
This goes out to all my competitors
You better hurry up and go for yours
But if you won’t don’t sweat it
Don’t even worry about it cause I get it
Right about now ‘pon the m-I-c
Cold sayin what’s up to where I come from, HP
Just got put dee and now you know
I’m rising over the top of ya and runnin the show

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Record Label(s): 1988 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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