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MONDAY (BONUS TRACK) Lyrics expresses distaste for the start of the work week. The singer dreads the “alarm clock screaming” that begins another cycle of monotonous responsibilities. There are vivid descriptions of the drudgery ahead like “same old streets” and “same routine” that make Monday seem utterly bleak. The lyrics convey both disappointment that the freedom of the weekend has ended and a lack of motivation to face the same dull commute and office grind. The song evokes the feeling of Sunday evening blues as the impending Monday looms ahead, ruining any sense of peace or rest. Overall, the lyrics use stark imagery to amplify the familiar dread that sets in as carefree weekends give way to the boredom and stress of Mondays. Do read MONDAY (BONUS TRACK) Lyrics below.


Hey! How are ya?!When, monday comes, again, yeh,
Another week can begin,

Wanting, I’d ask myself,
Since its like I cannot be alone,

Wanting, I’m back where I belong,
And I’ve found a way, now I’m going home,

Monday, another sick reminder of another
Dead week gone by,

But if its monday,
If only for a moment,
And if that moments coming so am i,

But I dont know bout that

Smoke is in the air
I cant stand this
I got 19 f*cking hours and then I might get to the end
Get me home
But when engines purr in perfect harmony
The things at home
Are things I should not dream,
To take me down will take a better flight than here
You took my time so now I take you

(Spoken unknown)

Monday! Get me out of l.A.!
(I cant stand it!)…Jesus!


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