[Solomon Childs]
Paint murder like Wesley, faggots
Your war stories don’t impress me, warrants
So the ratchets broke as well as the next one
Larry Davis reinacting, we puttin’ them niggaz
Who be talking to killas in comas
Death is so deep, you ever see a nigga eyes rolled back
On the block til I die with that medicine
I will emerge from rap, will emerge from mines
I want niggaz to learn, they can’t stand me
So I won’t feel guilty when I’m receiving my Grammy’s
Counting my blessings, hoping my old Earth
Make it all the way to the top, asking Alllah
Give me strength if the nines gots to pop
Them feds put a bullet in the head of my great dane
Poverty child, I feel momma’s pain
Walking in my daddy’s shoes of shame
Creases in my state greens, criminal lives
Police know as the nine millimeter team
And we don’t smoke poofie, find us where niggaz be climaxing[Chorus x2: Solomon Childs]
We major players, all around the board
And done bent niggaz all around the board
Headliners, kill or be killed, so you better move
When it’s time to move, or get filled

Pillage for life team, we fight schemes
Nigga fall back, Staten Island
We all black, carry a mack, motherf*ckers Osama Island
Been wilding, from Murder Hill all the way to Jungle Nilz
f*ck ya’ll niggaz, we gotta pay the bills
Nigga move over, two-faced rappers, all you deep throaters
Underground niggaz right here, put this in ya range rovers
Staten Island soldiers, New York City post up
Gats out the hosters, we kill our enemies
We move like centipedes, we the stampede that crush the industries
Elminated the herpes for dirt g’s
The mud might leak, we throw coles on Staten Isle, don’t nobody speak

[Outro: Cappadonna]
My f*cking word, f*cking Staten Island pitbull, niggaz
Straight up and down, snatch pocket books and all that shit
Niggaz still hungry, Osama Island
Murder Hill, Body B., nigga
Straight gangsta, for all you crack heads, and cry babies
Word up, Killa B., what up, baby?
Stab that nigga… word up… take a nigga chain
Knowhatimsayin, nigga, we try’n — nigga, we need meals
Up in here… big bowls of f*ckin’ cereals, bitch


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