COPPER AND MALACHITE Lyrics evoke a sense of longing and heartache. Through natural imagery like “autumn trees” and references to minerals like copper and malachite, the song creates a rustic, earthy mood. There is a wistfulness in the chorus as the singer pleads “Don’t leave me out here on my own” and describes missing their lover’s “copper glow.” The allusion to oxidized copper becoming dull and green like malachite implies grief and change. Overall, the lyrics use vivid natural symbolism to capture the emotion of missing a lover and the pain of loss. The song has a nostalgic, pastoral feel but ultimately expresses sadness and loneliness in a failed relationship. Do read COPPER AND MALACHITE Lyrics below.


Goodnight darling, goodnight
I hope you sleep well
Goodnight darling, goodnight
I wish I could be there
Hear your breathing
And watch, your chest rise and fall
Wrap around you, you are
The same length as meI was young when I first
Heard about something called love
Someone told me it was
Like finally waking up
Course I laughed then, but now
You could say I believe
If I was smarter I’m sure
I’d write you a symphony

I barely know you
But I feel I’ve loved you before
And I want to show you
This loose board in the floor
This is where I keep my heart

Yes, this is where I keep my heart
Not on my sleeve

Nothing’s certain, I know
But I like to believe
Something out there somewhere
Intends us to be
I’ll keep standing right here
Just as proud as April pie
Your eyes are colored in shades
Of copper and malachite

This song is simple
But it’s the best I can do
Cause it ain’t so simple
To capture the way I feel
But I thought I’d try
Yes, I thought I’d try

Goodnight darling
Goodnight darling
Goodnight darling
Sleep well


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