AMPED Lyrics - 116 CLIQUE

AMPED Lyrics – 116 CLIQUE

It’s mind blowing, that we get to be god’s ambassadors man, so we hyped about that, we krunked, we amped.[Verse 1:]
Yeah we amped up, repping the Savior, baby, we stand up
Man up for the risen who picked us up and scanned us
Purchased some worthless dudes, and now He hands us
A bunch of stuff that we ain’t earn
Now picture that like a camera, we lift the lamb up
Hands up this mans the alpha who would raise like gamma
We some amba-s-s a-d-o-r’s
He saved me, bro, when grace seemed so hard
But nevertheless, there’s none better the best
Is Jesus, I don’t fight but will step to my flesh
All to glorify the Lord I’m addressing my mess
He’s superior across the board like checkers and chess
That’s why we hype now, ain’t putting the mic down
Lamp on a hill homie, ain’t putting our lights out
We repping Him right now, fight for Christ hype it might sound
Crazy, lay our lives down for Him as a lifestyle

[Verse 2:]
We can’t stop repping His name, man, we can’t drop
Batons that was passed to us from older saints I…
Used to be scared to rep Him, they’d say I’m brainwashed
But after I got know to Him then all the shame stopped
They think I’m deranged, they call me insane
They said that to Jesus, I’m following the King
I holla out His name, so folks will behold Him
I’m bold and I’m living my life like He’s golden

It’s blowing me away, that this chump was chosen (me?)
Saved by grace through faith that’s the slogan
He’s our hope and His arms was open
We was cloaked in sin, but that curse was broken
Now peep that, it’s hard to believe that
Christ died to save us, rich kids to street cats
We live and preach that Word homie, read that
Today we do rep Him and use records to reach cats

[Verse 3:]
We cliqued up, all throwing that one one six up
A crowd of believers in Jesus all with our fists up
We lift up our hands for the God, man, who gives us
Life in Him, cause sin has men tripped up
Now we open our lips up, can’t close them when it’s a
Sick and global mix up, kids have chosen sin, bruh
Hearts frozen within us, dark colder than 10 below
We tryna tell them not to sin no more
He’s worth being proud of, He’s worth shouting loud for
Our dirt had us drowned plus our works couldn’t vouch for
These persons without love, who lurked in these foul clubs
Hurting without the person who found us
But the great ones died just to save some
If you looking for a righteous man homie it ain’t one
Nope can’t name one, we all born slaves son
But He saved us so we rep Him even after this things done

We amped up! [x7]
So homie stand up

AMPED Lyrics – 116 CLIQUE

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